The Untethered Minimalist

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Kara came to me during a career change while living abroad. She needed a site that could both act as a sort of digital portfolio or resume but at the same time, give her the freedom to express her thoughts and ideas as well.

We decided a Slipstream Go! website called Outdoor Adventure was a better fit than a from-scratch custom build.
Simply put, a Slipstream Go! website is a pre-built site that can go live quickly with starting prices below that of a basic custom build. They are not templates or themes but rather completely original websites with designs that are retired as soon as they are sold once.

The Slipstream Go! website we selected, Outdoor Adventure, was designed as a travel blog, although it would suit a variety of industries. The blog and travel aspect of the site was a perfect match for Kara's business.

Kara puts an immense amount of thought into her business and it continues to evolve to this day. Still living abroad, her focus is on tech virtual assistant services and will be starting touring services soon. I'm happy to say I have the pleasure of continuing to work with Kara as her business needs change and need to be reflected on her site.
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“Starting something new can be exciting but also daunting. I wanted to create a new website since I’m changing careers and wanted to have a parallax website to showcase my past work and current projects to potential hiring managers.

I also want to have a blog to write about helpful tips on living abroad as my side hustle. This was a lot and I couldn’t do it alone!

Enter Meagan🤍she made this entire process so smooth and effortless! From the beginning she helped me flush out what I wanted and needed. Meagan guided me to get all the pieces I needed to give to her and then she made the magic happen!

In less than 2 months we went from our first call to my beautiful website! She also is supporting me with ongoing help with my new blog (she even created tutorial videos for me to follow) and a monthly maintenance plan! I know, I can reach out to Meagan and ask any questions if I need her help.

I highly recommend working with Meagan for your new or existing website!”
The Untethered Minimalist
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