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Meagan Fikes • Owner

Websites to Move Your Business Forward

On a particularly difficult Monday, I decided I'd had enough. As I reached this tipping point, doing nothing became more difficult than doing something and I became immersed in an almost compulsive series of actions as I shut down my work laptop and began launching my dream. As a business owner, you might know this feeling too.

I had all the experience I needed, was working in the web design space on the side, and just needed to make it official. That very same day, Slipstream Web Design was born and I left my decade-long corporate job as an actuary just four months later.

A slipstream is an area behind a moving object where there exists turbulent flow and reduced resistance. This area is often taken advantage of in cycling and some motorsports because the racer can keep pace while using less energy.

My business is a slipstream for my life and my goal is to make sure your website acts as a slipstream for your business. Take full advantage of your website and let it work for you. Break free from reliance on rapidly changing social media algorithms and own your own space where you make the rules. I truly believe having a website is one of the most powerful tools you can have as a business owner.

Let's get started.